Il pane sfornato al Rifugio la Roda

Our cousine

It’s right here, at an altitude of more than 2000 metres, in the midst of the Dolomites and in sight of Lake Garda, that the taste experience becomes something special.
To do justice to our remarkable setting, we’ve sought out the finest, most genuine ingredients of our culinary heritage, which we use in recipes which are modern but at the same time conjure up memories of the flavours of times past.

We’ve planned our menu to enable you to experience a whole range of flavours within a single dish, or to simply sit down and enjoy the taste of our cold meats and cheeses. The choice is up to you, and all that remains for us to do is wish you Buon Appetito!

Crisp flavours

straight from our ovens

At Roda, we like to start with the raw materials and cook everything that we bring to the table, including our bread, pasta, desserts and salt beef. Because there’s no other way to guarantee the very finest quality of our dishes.

A quick snack

We’ve also spared a thought for those who love the snow so much that they’re in perpetual movement. But even they have to take a short break now and again, for a quick snack, one of our succulent, freshly made sandwiches or chicken wings!

Fish at 2000 metres

No, you aren’t near a little fishing village. You’re right in front of the Dolomites, and the dish in front of you is a fragrant seafood pasta, or the most delicate grilled lobster or prawns. An unexpected pleasure!

To keep faith with tradition, we’ve also considered those who love dried salt cod, served monastery style with our piping hot polenta! With this project, we were inspired by the Confraternita del Bacalà alla Vicentina, which revisited the Via Querenissima: “the story of a great adventure, the legendary route covered by a dried fish, which united European peoples with very different cultures and customs”.

(a quote from the Rotta del Bacalà, Via Querenissima)