Riflessi sul Brenta

Riflessi sul Brenta Bianco

A blend of Manzoni Bianco and Veltliner grapes from our vineyards on the Sporminore hills, in the lower Val di Non, at a height of around 600 metres.

A fine, elegant wine, with a pale straw yellow colour and distinctive aromatic fragrance, with warm tropical notes. An excellent aperitif, as well as an ideal accompaniment to our first courses.

Riflessi sul Brenta

our flavour of trentino from above


Our vines are in the heart of the Rotaliana Plain. We tend them ourselves, with the assistance of our expert winemakers.

They produce a ruby red wine with its unmistakable fragrance of fruits of the forest, which is an excellent accompaniment to our traditional dishes of game, mushrooms and polenta, as well as our speck and flavoursome alpine cheeses, which you’ll always find on our.

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