The mountain shelter

Our philosophy

We love our mountain, the Paganella, and everything that living and working at an altitude of more than 2000 metres involves, from the beautiful, clear sunny days to the harder times, when the strong summer winds blow away everything in their path, including the tender geraniums, or the cold north winds of winter, which freeze your hands and face and make all work impossible.
But we have deep respect for these intense rhythms of nature, and do what we can to adapt, to the point where we feel that we’re almost the guardians of this mountain.

This is why we carried out our major restructuring operation in 2006 using bio-building techniques, making use of old wood, installing an innovative geothermal heating system and carefully sorting all waste.

We want to make sure that our mountain shelter has as little impact as possible on the delicate mountain ecosystem.

The La Roda Mountain Shelter

a new emotion every minute…

… the magic goes on at Andalo…

The Little Resort

It all begins a short walk from the centre of Andalo. Our family has been welcoming its guests in this enchanting setting at the foot of Piz Galin for more than forty years.

An exclusive location in which harmony, elegance and attention to detail create unexpected pleasures. Michele and Cristina will be here to greet you and provide you with every comfort.