Put on a pair of climbing boots, look up and start to imagine how fantastic it would be to see Trentino from above!

That can easily be arranged. Few things are more satisfying than reaching the summit after a long walk. But of course you’re on holiday, and there’s nothing wrong with doing things the lazy way, which is why a fast cable car or chairlift are also available to take you right to our door.

Now, close your eyes, take a deep breath to fill your lungs with the clear, bracing air at this two thousand metre altitude, smell the scent of the mountain pine, forget all the stress of everyday life, then open them again. What a treat for the eyes to admire the majestic Brenta Dolomites and gaze out towards Lake Garda, then turn round and look out in the distance towards Marmolada, Tofane and the Austrian Alps.

Smile, breathe and go slowly

Sit down for a minute on the pine benches in our terrace and enjoy a glass of our fine wine. Our Reflections on Brenta will definitely give you an appetite for a pretzel just out of the oven, accompanied by a fragrant slice of speck. Yes, the magic extends to your palate too.

And if you want to take some of these special things back home or give them to your friends, we suggest that you step into our little Alpine Store, where you’ll find lots of fine products to take back with you, such as essential oil of mountain pine, hand cream scented with Swiss pine, exclusive Paganella 2125 items of clothing, or typical Trentino handcrafted goods..

Dolomiti Paganella Bike Chalet

a Bike Chalet

The Paganella area is a paradise for who is looking for a full network of mountain bike trails, an this is the reason why we are part of the Bike Chlet . Reaching the top of Paganella by Mountain Bike and then biking down through the Bike trails is an amazing experience!! Dolomiti Patanella Bike Area provides You with specific signs along the routes, trail maps, tips for planning Your tours, GPS trails pickup services , bike rental, lifts, guides and everything You need to enjoy your biking experience.

Visita il sito Dolomiti Paganella Bike!

paganella bike

The Market

our little alpine store

Mountain Pine: the king of Paganella

This is the shrub that grows on the highest slopes of Paganella. In summer, it’s exposed to the sun and high temperatures, and in winter it’s buried under the snow and subjected to high winds and bitter cold.

This is a plant that has to work hard to grow and survive, and in doing so it develops health-giving properties, which are well known as a remedy for many pains.

For us, it’s an endless source of scents and resins, which have become fundamental to our cuisine.