Our mountain chalet

Our mountain shelter dominates the slopes of Paganella, and enjoys breathtaking views of the majestic Brenta Dolomites and, just beyond, Lake Garda, which extends towards the plain. We do everything possible to leave all this beauty undisturbed, by welcoming our guests to our chalet with discretion, in an atmosphere in which the scent of burning pine logs merges with bread just out of the oven.


Close your eyes

and open your senses to an incredible flavour experience

Our dishes

Our menu is the result of constant research into alpine and local produce, such as salami and alpine cheeses, barley and game, mushrooms and fruits of the forest. We’ve also learned to use the wood of the mountain pine in the kitchen, and its many beneficial properties add a little something extra to many of our dishes.

During our frequent chats with our guests, we love to point out the highest peaks of the Brenta and the villages located within the valleys. Then, we direct our new friends towards the snowy slopes or the paths that lead down the mountains!

Pancia di maiale con fagioli alla texana

Riflessi sul Brenta

the pride of our land

Riflessi sul Brenta

We’ve been in the hotel trade and worked the land for generations, and we think this is a perfect combination that guarantees hospitality that’s sincere and professional at the same time.

This is why we haven’t moved away from the land of our roots, because this is where we set out with hard work and passion to cultivate the vines from which the wine that flows at the Roda is made.


A world far away from the world

Our Little Alpine Store

You can now buy our products from our shop!

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Our attention to detail makes for a special atmosphere